Winters are Here, and There’s No Better Time for Bajre ka Malida. Here’s How You Make it

Bajre ka Malida is a famous dish, majorly made in households during the winters. Malida made of Bajra is often eaten as a sweet dish in winters. It keeps your body warm and benefits your health. Besides, Bajre Ka Malida keeps your digestive system healthy, and it is also considered a rich source of nutrients.

Malida made from millet roti is delicious, and it also replaces any other sweet dish.

Recipe for making Malida from Bajra Roti:

Make a bajra roti and mash it with your hand into finely broken pieces. You can keep the mashed roti as thicker as you want. After this, put some small pieces of jaggery and mix them properly.

You can also grind the jaggery with a rolling pin with no lumps. Mix the mashed bajra roti with mashed jaggery.

Mix it well and add two-three spoons of desi ghee. Besides, you can also mix dry fruits for your taste.

Now, make laddus of this mixture, and your delicious homemade bajre ka malida is ready

Now serve it on a platter like a sweet dish.

Bajra or millet is gluten-free, and it contains calcium, manganese, phosphorus, fibre, magnesium, vitamin B and many other antioxidants. Jaggery is also rich in nutrients like protein, potassium, good fat, phosphorus, magnesium, iron, vitamin-B, calcium, copper and zinc.

Eating bajre ka malida, made of jaggery and bajra will benefit your body. It also eliminates the problem of lack of blood in the body.

(Disclaimer: The information given in this article is based on general assumptions. News 18 does not confirm them. Before implementing them, please contact the concerned specialist.)

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