Winter: This is How You Can Prevent Hair Fall This Season

Winter and hair fall go hand-in-hand. The season brings a range of skin and hair issues. It makes our hair scalp dry, flaky, static, and frizz. As a result, we suffer excessive hair fall during winter. The exposure to the harsh cold weather and constant transition to heated indoors wipe out moisture from our hair making them dull, which is more susceptible to damage. It also puts the hair strands at risk of breakage due to the dry and cold winter air. Here are simple and easy tips to save yourself from hair fall during winter.

Include amla in your diet

Begin your day with an amla shot or just bite into amla. You can also consume it in powder form too. This will strengthen your hair roots and nourish them.

Oil your hair

Since the winter season leads to dryness, oiling provides nourishment to your hair. Oil your hair at least once/twice a week with coconut oil, amla oil, bhringraj oil, castor oil, sesame oil or a mixture of all of these.

Go for jaggery instead of sugar

Jaggery has several health benefits during the winter season. It does not only help with digestion issues, low hemoglobin, and sweet cravings but is also beneficial for healthy hair.

Consume sesame energy balls

Sesame seeds are best to cure hair fall, especially when consumed during the winter season. It provides strength to the hair roots and reduces dryness.

Maintain a healthy diet

Since your digestion is at its peak during the winter season, it doesn’t mean that you can binge on all junk and fried foods. It will affect your overall health including your hair and scalp. Try to consume warm, fresh and home-cooked meals.

Include ghee in your diet

Ghee is the best moisturiser for your gut and skin during dry weather. Putting ghee drops in nostrils at night is also effective in prevention from hair fall and grey hair to stress and insomnia.

Foot massage

Foot massage before bedtime not only relaxes the mind and body but also helps with sound sleep that leads to healthy hair.

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