Winter: These Foods Will Keep Seasonal Illness At Bay

Winters is the ideal season to get involved in year-end festivities, rejoice good food and spend time with your loved ones. While you go all out to enjoy the holiday season, one must not forget that the season also brings in issues like common cold, cough, and fever. Contracting the seasonal cough, cold is increasingly common during winters. Nobody wants their plans to go off track because they get sick, hence, to keep seasonal illnesses at bay, it is essential to consume foods that are rich in antioxidants and other essential nutrients. To guide you in the same direction, nutritionist Rujuta Diwekar, in a Twitter post, shared 5 superfoods to keep healthy this winter.

Check out what these superfoods are:

Amla or Indian gooseberries: Amla is packed with the goodness of vitamin c and is referred to as the ‘king of winters’ as it can help fight infections. This is not it, Amla is also good for hair fall, digestion, and improving eyesight. Available in abundance during winters, amla can be consumed in the form of chyawanprash, sherbet or even a morabba.

Sugarcane: It is difficult to come across someone who dislikes sugarcane. This detox food is not only delicious but also extremely refreshing. According to the expert, sugarcane rejuvenates the liver and keeps the skin glowing in the winter sun.

Ber or Indian jujube: Ber or Indian jujube acts as a great remedy for children who frequently fell ill during the winter season. It’s unique taste ensures diversity in the diet, strengthens immunity, encourages us to try out different flavours.

Chincha or tamarind: This delightful ingredient is eaten raw as well as a flavouring agent. Rich in magnesium, iron, and vitamin C, tamarind is a great digestive aid and it’s seeds bring out a delicious flavour beverage when mixed with buttermilk.

Til or sesame seeds: These seeds are extensively used in savoury and sweet foods alike, as they are a healthy and versatile ingredient. Sesame seeds are loaded with essential fats, and it is great for the winters as it strengthens bones and joints.

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