Why You Must Make Jaljeera Your Go-to Drink in Summer, Recipe Inside

As the temperature continues to soar, a vendor selling jaljeera is a common sight. One of the much-loved summer drinks, jaljeera not only quenches your thirst but is also loaded with innumerable health benefits. But the best part is that you don’t even need to step out to relish this healthy drink, as the ingredients required to prepare a glass of jaljeera are commonly found in every Indian kitchen.

Many companies have also started selling jaljeera powder which makes it even easier to prepare it. However, if you want to prepare a homemade jaljeera powder then follow the method mentioned below:


Step 1: To prepare your jaljeera powder add these ingredients in a blender—4 tablespoons peppermint powder, 4 tablespoons roasted cumin seeds, 2 tablespoons black pepper, 2 tablespoons citric acid, 1 tablespoon ginger powder, ¼ tablespoon asafoetida, 2 tablespoons black rock salt, 4 black cardamoms, and 2 tablespoon salt.

Step 2: After adding these ingredients, blend all of them until they turn into fine powder.

Step 3: Take 1 tablespoon of this powder and mix it in a glass of chilled water. Garnish it with boondi and your fresh relishing jaljeera is ready to beat the heat.


Improves Vitamin C deficiency

Jaljeera powder is loaded with dry mango or amchoor that is rich in Vitamin C. It helps in building immunity and keeps scurvy at bay.

Treats indigestion

Jaljeera is like an elixir for people who are suffering from acidity and indigestion during the summer season. Not only indigestion, but it is a smart solution to get respite from acidity, bloating, and other gastric issues.

Low on calories

It is the perfect substitute for all the carbonated drinks loaded with sugar. Jaljeera is a carefree drink because you can have it as much as you want and no need to worry about the calories.

Prevents anaemia

The cumin content in the jaljeera aids in preventing anaemia because it is rich in iron. It also hydrates and keeps your body cool.

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