Why Artificial Food Dyes Are Dangerous To Children

Artificial food dyes and colours are common ingredients in multiple eatables, including candies, cereals and popcorn. It is difficult to escape from consuming artificial food colours. Various reports and studies have suggested that these artificial ingredients can trigger negative neurological effects, including hyperactivity, in children, with or without attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD).

A California-based report published in April 2021 found that out of the 27 clinical studies, around 64% of cases showed an association between food dyes and children’s erratic behaviour. “The evidence supports a relationship between food dye exposure and adverse behavioural disorders,” the report mentioned.

According to an NBC report, Food and Drug Administration (FDA) also acknowledged the association and said that children susceptible to ADHD may witness an exacerbation in symptoms and condition with the exposure to “food substances, including, but not limited to artificial food colours.” The FDA says that it may be due to a unique intolerance or sensitivity to the artificial substance.

Artificial Food Dyes have been a topic of discussion since the first-ever study in the 1970s, which brought the interaction between food dyes and human bodies and its result to light.

Senator Bob Wieckowski, who is currently serving in the California State Senate, has been an avid advocate against the usage of artificial food colours. He has even authored a bill he has been working on since 2017 that demands a mandatory warning label be put on food that contains food dyes.

Senator Bob says that he does not want to ban the artificial ingredient but wants companies to shine more light on the matter through a warning label on their products. “It is important for parents to have this information as they seek ways to help their children who suffer from behavioural problems. Raising awareness through warning labels will educate parents about the adverse effects of food dye and help them make informed dietary choices for their kids,” he said in a press release.

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