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Who is Bigg Boss 3 Marathi Winner Vishal Nikam’s Saundarya? Read on To Know

Vishal Nikam conquered the third season of Bigg Boss Marathi. During the show, a damsel was frequently referenced in Vishal’s discussions. As a result, everyone was inquisitive about who the woman was. Vishal has never revealed this, despite numerous demands. The now Bigg Boss winner constantly stated that he would share the name only when the time was perfect.

As a result, social media users began their research. There is now speculation that fans are now aware of this secret star in Vishal’s life.

Furthermore, when Vishal’s mother and sister visited him, they asked about his Saundarya. Vishal had also advised them not to use her name when discussing them. As a result, curiosity over this mystery woman of Vishal reached a fever pitch.

Vishal was also questioned about the girl during a news conference held at Bigg Boss’s residence. He responded in a fairly similar manner, saying that he would reveal the identity when the time was perfect.

Now, after some digging fans of Vishal seem to have figured out who Saundarya is. Vishal’s Saundarya is claimed to be an actor who worked with him in the serial Sata Janmach Gathi. Her name is reported to be Akshay Surekha Hindalkar.

Vishal and Akshay previously collaborated for the TV drama Sata Janmachya Gathi. Shruti was the character portrayed by Akshay in this series. Some of the show’s older photographs are presently getting viral on social media fueling the speculations. That is why it is claimed that Akshay is Vishal’s Saundarya.

Vishal and Akshay, unsurprisingly, did not answer. Vishal has previously stated that he would reveal everything at the appropriate time. As a result, all of his supporters are now waiting eagerly for what Vishal is going to say.-

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