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Many of us do various things to make our ends meet. From picking up odd jobs to taking up internships and different other things. We all find ways to fulfill our expenses and get on with our day-to-day jobs. While you may think that you are the only one struggling to keep things going, if you look around, you will find many others like you. And when their stories come to light, they give us a glimmer of hope and motivation to do our best. Recently, one such story of a woman from Mohali running a chaat stall to support her education has won people online.

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In a video uploaded by Instagram food blogger Harry Upal, we can see a girl standing behind a chaat stall where she sells papadi chaat, aloo tikkis, dahi bhalle and gol gappas. The lady informs that she makes all the things from scratch. Then she also tells that in the beginning, she was doing a job; however, she had to leave since she was not getting enough time to complete her studies. Then later, she opened up a chaat stall to support herself. Check out her full story here:

Ever since this story was shared on Instagram, it has been viewed more than seven million times and has 632K likes and several comments. Many people have appreciated her efforts. Check out some of the comments below. One person wrote, “Wow! Best thing I am seeing today on Instagram.” Another person wrote, “God bless your sister.” Someone even added, “Just looking at her efforts. It is so good. Even her food looks hygienic.”

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A user also wrote, “Best of luck for your further future di. I don’t know what you are going through, but everything will be fine. Hopefully, you will get all those good messages.” A second user wrote, “I am glad to say that girls are more focused and successful in running their business.”

Many others also appreciated her food and asked where she is located in Mohali.

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