Vintage Hairstyles Are Making a Comeback this Summer!

Vintage has a charm that no one can match, be it the gorgeous ballroom gowns, the classy cars, or stunning hairstyles. We wonder why they went out of style, but good news, folks! A few of the beautiful vintage hairstyles are back and how. Below, we talk about classic hairstyles the fashionistas of today are opting for, with, well, of course, a twist. Check them out & get ideas to live your summer in vogue.

Let your hair loose with ‘Botticelli’

The Botticelli hairstyle is perfect for long, unstructured hair with a natural fluffy volume. This hairstyle is all about appearing youthful and giving mother earth’s flower child vibes. It gives off free and natural energy, and the extra-long length provides an eternal vibe to an easy hairstyle. Celebrities like Kim Kardashian, Rihanna, Italian muse Monica Bellucci, and the popular photographer Nima Benati have often donned the hairstyle this summer. You can always add a twist to the hairstyle by pinning the hair on the front or even creating small braids while leaving the rest of the hair flowing freely.

‘Modern Medusa’ is for beauties who love braids

The modern version of medusa involves creating braids out of a ponytail with the help of bobby pins, clips, bows, or neon rubber bands. This hairstyle is also a relief from the scorching summer heat. While the hairstyle works well on every hair type, you wake up with gorgeous hair if you sleep in it. With celebrities like Hailey Bieber, Dua Lipa, and Sydney Sweeney loving it, this one is here to stay.

It’s up to you whether you want to look like a mermaid in Botticelli or chic in Medusa! We suggest accessorising your hair with bright coloured pins and a band to make it look more summery, While you are at it, we are going to go collect our accessories!

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