Vaginal Hygiene: Debunking Common Myths and Misconceptions

We are part of a society where sex education is considered taboo, and when it comes to the vagina, people often choose hushed tones. And why not? After all, society’s stereotypical mentality has designated the vagina as something which is inappropriate to discuss. Moreover, this has resulted in the rise of misinformation and myths around vaginal hygiene. While some of them are harmless, many can rob your mental peace and can even affect you psychologically. This makes it extremely crucial to dismiss all the myths revolving around vaginal hygiene in our society, and this can only happen if we start discussing it with experts. But, for the time being, we debunk some of the myths for you, so let’s take a look at them:

Vaginal discharge means you have STD or infections

Firstly, Vaginal discharge is completely normal and it doesn’t mean that you have an STD or any type of infection i.e yeast or fungal. So stop panicking because discharge happens only because of temporary changes in your lifestyle, environment, or body. If you are facing it, then please discuss it with your gynaecologist.

Washing intimate areas with soap

This is the most common myth out there that intimate areas should be washed daily with soap. But in reality, soap shouldn’t be used as it can prove to be extremely harsh for your intimate area. Washing it with water is sufficient.

Use a single sanitary napkin throughout the day

During menstruation, many women believe that it is okay to use one sanitary napkin throughout the day, but in reality, they can’t be harming the skin of their intimate area more than this. Using one damp sanitary napkin for a whole day can irritate your skin. The skin around the intimate areas is the most sensitive in your body.

Shaving regularly

Undoubtedly, shaving the intimate area is a good practice, but there is no need of doing this regularly, as it increases the risk of infection and further imbalances the PH level of the vagina.

Special products to keep it clean

No, you don’t need any special products to keep your vagina clean. This can’t be said enough, stay away from chemical products. Special products can harm the PH level and increase the risk of infections.

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