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Twinkle Khanna Shows the Way to Deal with an Overwhelming To-Do List, And We Can Relate; Watch

Author and former actress Twinkle Khanna’s latest Instagram post narrates the classic heart versus mind dilemma. The 47-year-old shared an Instagram Reel on Wednesday and shared how she often procrastinates important work like writing her next column or working on her new draft and snuggles back to her comfort zone. The Reel depicted how she ditched her overwhelming to-do-list to lounge and read her favourite book and munch on some soya chips.

Sharing the Instagram Reel on the social media platform, Twinkle shared her dilemma in the caption that read, “Why is the heart always at war with the mind? And it’s way sneakier, showing you visions of munching on soya chips, while you are crunching numbers at your desk. Also, I wonder if it’s just me or does everyone get suddenly hungry when they face an overwhelming to-do list? Raise your hands if you suffer from this mysterious ailment as well.” See the post here:

It seems Twinkle is not the only one facing this situation since the latest Instagram Reel seems to have resonated with several fans and followers on the social media platform. One of the top comments on Twinkle’s Instagram Reel read “Munching always makes me concentrate on the work at hand. Food makes everything better. It is a funny world and I am part of this funny world. Also, munching while my kids sleep has another level of satiation.”

Another user commented, “Omg (Oh My God) that’s what I am feeling too.” Relating to Twinkle’s dilemma another follower commented, “I thought I was the only one. Had to have a pack of snacks. Tried having the latest fad-healthier nuts and seeds snacking packs-but only the tastier potato chips felt in sync with the demand of heart and brain coordination to be set in.” Another follower quipped “Writer’s block. Writer’s binge!”

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