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Due to the expansion of social media, we often see some amazing sights of places and things from around the world. A quick scroll through our feeds generates much envy within us but also gives us life goals. We have, for instance, seen some fabulous houses owned by celebrities on the internet. They often offer tours into their home spaces, generating much curiosity online. Recently, one such luxurious kitchen has left Twitter users awestruck. A Twitter page called Interior Hub has shared clicks of a walk-in fridge and pantry, and the photographs were enough to create a stir on the internet and give people goals. Take a look:

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“This walk-in fridge is insane,” read the caption to the tweet. Shared on July 31, the post has already received 170k likes and 20k retweets. In the click, we could see a fridge with all the essential supplies on the shelves. Rather than being a single-door appliance, it was spread out into a ‘walk-in’ concept and made into a small room with the entire room refrigerated. Twitter users were left amazed on seeing the luxurious fridge which was nothing short of a spectacle. “I’m walking in with my pillows for some nap,” said one user while another wrote, “You will find me freezing in there while eating!”

This is not the only lavish thing about the kitchen that was shared on Twitter. There were also pictures of an amazing pantry that looked nothing short of a grocery store. Another click showed a refrigerator drawer with multiple vegetables and foods stored in it for easy access. Take a look:

The pictures of the luxurious and lavish pantry garnered a flurry of reactions. “When I get rich, I’m going to open this super store in my home,” wrote one user while another said, “I would be so content with life if I had this!”

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