This Die-Hard Football Fan in Brazil Has His Entire Torso Tattooed With Club Jersey

There are die-hard football fans in this world who can go to surprising extents to show their faithfulness to their favourite football club. Some of them are naming their children after players or tattooing a crest on their body. But Mauricio dos Anjos from Brazil has surpassed them all to probably become the craziest football fan out there. In 2018, he went all out for his club Flamengo, getting their shirt tattooed all over his body.

The 35-year old looks like he is wearing Flamengo’s shirt when he is bare-bodied. The entire jersey, along with the right combination of colours, has been inked into his full torso and arms. This probably has nullified the need for him to get wear any sort of top when he visits the Maracena, the legendary football stadium in Rio de Janeiro.

According to Vice, the body art took a year to complete, involving 32 sessions and a total of 90 hours of tattooing. Dos Anjos said, “I always wanted to have a Flamengo tattoo, ever since I became a fan as a child. On my biceps, I have a vulture [the team mascot] with the Flamengo shield. Last year, I opted to get a tattoo of the jersey, which I’d been wanting to do for quite some time”.

The superfan said initially he had opted for something smaller that just cover part of his shoulder and chest as he thought the whole jersey would be expensive. The tattoo artist charged £165 (₹16,752) but as they got chatty, the artist offered to tattoo the entire jersey at no extra cost, just for the publicity. Dos Anjos said that he has never regretted his decision.

The Rio de Janerio club had not won Copa Libertadores since 1981 but within a year after Dos Anjos getting the tattoo, Flamengo won it in 2019. Who knows, maybe the artwork proved lucky for them. So, if you get inspired, time to make your favourite club create wonders by tattooing their shirts on yourself.

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