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The Matrix Resurrections Movie Review: Keanu Reeves Plays ‘Calmer’ Neo, Priyanka Chopra Has Brief But Key Role

The Matrix: Resurrections, firstly, demands all of your attention. A blink at the wrong time can make you miss out on any important element in the movie. The film has managed to retain the original vibe and only leaves you awestruck with a tinge of nostalgia with all the references from the previous instalments of the movie.

While Keanu Reeves is back in one of his iconic characters, nothing can change the fact that he’s not the same Neo that we saw in The Matrix. In this latest instalment, Neo is, of course, matured, treated as a legend, and is a calmer version of himself as compared to the previous parts. The film shows how Neo has aged over the years, and has multiple aspects and powers of the character removed or altered to suit the plot.

Carrie-Anne Moss brings back the sass and swag she has been portraying in all the previous parts of The Matrix. Needless to say that the movie has power-packed action sequences and Reeves does impress you again by acing them, and partnering him, just like older Matrix movies, is Moss who has performed all the complex action sequences with ease.

Speaking of machines and the graphics of the plot, it’s a little too much. But then, what’s Matrix without them? Besides, this time, Neo has been showcased as a superhero who has miraculous powers that justify his moniker in the film — The One. Leave aside the action, the major plot of the movie is a typical love story. And there are a few moments that do you feel you are in a romantic film, just with a tad bit overdose of machines and bullets.

Another person to appreciate is Neil Patrick Harris, who plays the antagonist in the film. From How I Met Your Mother to The Matrix: The Resurrections, he has come a long way and surely impresses.

Priyanka Chopra Jonas and Purab Kohli, who have brief roles in the film, have also done decent jobs. The movie is a good watch and a sheer treat for those who love Reeves.

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