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TDP Condemns YSRCP Govt’s Decision Regarding Online Sale of Cinema Tickets

TDP Politburo Member Yanamala Ramakrishnudu on Thursday strongly objected to the YSRCP Government’s decision for the online sale of cinema tickets thereby interfering with the commercial business of the theatres.

Ramakrishnudu asked what moral right the Jagan Reddy regime had to talk about the increased financial burden of cinema tickets on the public. The ruling YSRCP was shedding crocodile tears, saying cinema tickets were being sold at double rates at present. What would the Government say about the overall price rise that was afflicting people?

In a statement here, the TDP leader demanded the YSRCP to explain why it was silent on the increased rates of petrol, diesel, cement, liquor, and sand in AP. What was the mystery behind the Jagan regime interfering with the cinema ticket rates? With each passing day, new bankrupt policies were being brought to punish the AP people for giving a huge mandate to the YSRCP.

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 Ramakrishnudu deplored that a hopeless situation was prevailing were Andhra Pradesh was depending on liquor income for implementing its welfare schemes. It was shameful that Amma Vodi, Cheyuta, and Aasara welfare schemes were handed over to the Beverages Corporation by enacting a law. The Jagan Government’s policy seemed to be that a father should mandatorily drink if his children had to get an education.

The TDP leader said there would be no wonder that the Government, which linked Amma Vodi with liquor sales today, would link ganja sales with fee reimbursement and scholarships of students in the future. On the other hand, the AP people suffered huge financial losses because of the thoughtless policy on 3 Capitals. The State had lost lakhs of crores worth property besides suffering a huge dent in revenues and job creation.

Ramakrishnudu termed it as a diversionary measure on the part of the YSRCP to pass a resolution in the Assembly for the BC census. In 2014 itself, the TDP passed such a resolution and sent it to the Centre. Also, the TDP regime passed resolutions for 33.33 percent reservations for BCs in the Parliament and Assembly and also 25 percent of the Central budget for BC sub plans.

The TDP leader accused the YSRCP Government of resorting to the diversion of the 15th Finance Commission funds in an unconstitutional and unethical manner. Already, the panchayats were suffering greatly because of a lack of funds. The powers of the panchayat officers and elected representatives were put in the hands of grama volunteers. The harassment of panchayats without giving funds was condemnable.

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