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Squid Game Watchers in North Korea Facing Persecution and Death?

Netflix sleeper hit South Korean series Squid Game has become the most viewed film or show for the international streamer, breaking all records set previously. However, watching the global hit show is inviting persecution in North Korea, and even death as in the case of a man who smuggled and sold copies of Squid Game.

North Korea sentenced to death a man who smuggled and sold copies of the Netflix series Squid Game after authorities caught seven high school students watching show, sources in the country told Radio Free Asia.

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The website reported that the smuggler is said to have brought a copy of Squid Game into North Korea back from China and sold USB flash drives containing the series. Sources said his sentence would be carried out by firing squad.

Furthermore, the report claimed that a student who bought a drive received a life sentence, while six others who watched Squid Game have been sentenced to five years hard labor, and teachers and school administrators have been fired and face banishment to work in remote mines or themselves, the sources said.

North Korea has deployed its best efforts to keep foreign content out of there country by employing strict measures.

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The arrest of the seven students for watching Squid Game marks the first time that the North Krean government is applying the newly passed law on the “Elimination of Reactionary Thought and Culture,” in a case involving minors. The law, promulgated last year, carries a maximum penalty of death for watching, keeping, or distributing media from capitalist countries, particularly from South Korea and the USA.

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