Skip Stored Vegetables and Fruit, Switch to Seasonal Ones for These Reasons

It is often said that one should include lots of vegetables and fruits in their diet to stay healthy. With every season, there comes a variety of vegetables and fruits. In summers, we can get colourful fruits like mango, melon, watermelon, and grapes whereas winters are a time to enjoy oranges, apples, kiwi, and strawberries. At the same time, vegetables also differ with the season. Summer brings karela, cucumbers, beans, berries, and pepper to our table. Whereas, winters. are about leafy greens. There are multiple reasons why eating seasonal fruit and vegetables is recommended by health experts.

High on nutrition

If something is in season, then that vegetable and fruit will ripe naturally adding to its nutritional value. They are fresh and have high nutritional content than the stored vegetables and fruits.

Tastes better

As they are naturally ripe, as per their season, they have a better taste than stored vegetables and fruits. They’ll be filled with flavour and nutrition.


Vegetables are sold at a low price if they are in season. They are grown in bulk and are easily available in the market, therefore, they are said to be pocket-friendly.

Support natural needs of the body

Nature has a secret for everything. In winters, one will get fruits and vegetables which are rich in vitamin C and iron as it prevents the body from losing its moisture whereas, in summers, one gets items that are rich in water to keep the body hydrated during summers.

Support local farmers

If the demand for seasonal fruits and vegetables increases, the local farmers get supported. It helps them to earn well and boost farming.

Prevents against diseases

Needless to say, seasonal vegetables have the tendency to boost immunity and help you fight diseases.

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