Sita Telugu Movie Download Leaked By Tamilrockers, 9xmovies

Sita Telugu Movie Download Leaked By Tamilrockers, 9xmovies

Sita Full Movie Download In Hd

Critics Rating: 2.5/5

Story: Sita (Kajal Aggarwal) is a materialistic woman who only cares about materialistic gains and nothing else. MLA Basava Raju (Sonu Sood) yearns for her and wants her to give him what he promised her to help him. The villain of his story is Rama (Belamkonda Sai Srinivas), a man who is too innocent for his own good. How does Ram help get out of the root of Sita’s story?

Analysis: Teja’s Sita is a big ball of contrasts hanging in limbo, looking like a transition between something progressive and regressive. On one hand, the director turns the same old tale into shining armor on its head, rendering a princess who is anything but distressed and a knight who is anything but manly. On the other hand, there are the same old dialogues about being Magadu Meaning and End which should be the safest drama ever on the Telugu screen. The only good thing is that all this chaos is packed into such a whimsical narrative, with beautiful visuals from Sirsha Ray, that you thank all the mess until you do. Anoop Rubens’s beautiful background score and Nizamena song add salve to Jale Mein.

Sita (Kajal Aggarwal) is the kind of female society that favors career growth rather than building relationships and who isn’t afraid to mince words, even if it makes her voice cold. She will go to any lengths to get what she wants, including making a promise to local MLA Basava Raju (Sonu Sood), even though she knows full well that she won’t keep it, in return for his help. She finds herself in trouble when she meets him, as he is also someone who can go to any lengths for her wish, even if it means making her life a living hell. Rama (Belamkonda Sai Srinivas) waiting for Sita in a monastery in Bhutan, Hero Bawa One who has a traumatic and abusive childhood, healing and coping is the only way he knows how – by being disciplined and following a routine to boot, even if it means tea and butter biscuits in the middle of a court hearing or a road trip.

Sita begins well, with the lens and narrative not judging what a Titanic character is like, despite all around her pointing fingers. The film also seems almost gleeful, as does Kajal with her performance, to bring a character like her to the screen after a long time. But the way the story progresses, it seems compulsive when Sita has to learn a lesson. The way Belmakonda’s character Ram is dealt with and the way he essays it is also refreshing, bringing to the fore a kind of childish innocence that is in stark contrast to the usual male lead that we see on screen. let’s see. The fact that his character is a victim of child abuse adds texture to the otherwise non-descript story. Unfortunately, despite Sonu Sood’s stellar performance, his character Basava is the token villain, someone who can’t think beyond lusting for the lead role. Directors really need to start writing better characters for them. Abhinav Gomatam and Tanikella Bharani deliver the best of what they have to offer.

The story which seems amusing in the first part takes a turn for the worse after the hiatus, despite the gaps in the parts, the cat-and-mouse chase is repeated. And it’s almost as if Teja couldn’t help himself but be trying to elevate Ram’s character by using unnecessary tropes. What’s worse is that every time he does, he tries to balance the scales by elevating Sita’s character as well, and adds a lot of unnecessary drama. Payal Rajput’s special number doesn’t help the Bullreddy case even when it comes to a turning point. No matter how many laughs it makes, the film also could not have happened without Chevella Ravi’s comedy track.

Despite the often-told story, the way Sita begins gives hope to see some simple yet beautiful drama on-screen with two eccentric characters. But unfortunately, this doesn’t happen. Check it out without having too many expectations for the performances and you will not be disappointed.

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