Sanguchakkaram Tamil Movie Download Leaked By Tamilrockers, 9xmovies

Sanguchakkaram Tamil Movie Download Leaked By Tamilrockers, 9xmovies
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Sanguchakkaram Tamil Movie Download Leaked By Tamilrockers, 9xmovies

Sanguchakkaram Full Movie Download In Hd

Critics Rating: 2.0/5

Summary: A group of children, some kidnappers, and two men who are planning to murder one of the children are trapped inside a haunted mansion.

Review: The set-up of Sanguchakkaram is central to most horror movies – a group of individuals are trapped inside a haunted house. Where the film differs from the formula if only slightly, is in making a group of children a part of this group. These kids go to an abandoned mansion of their neighbor to play, not realizing that it is a ploy by Agayam (Dilip Subbarayana) to kidnap them.

Meanwhile, two more children arrive, and soon, two more adults become part of the group. One of them is D’Souza (Raja), who wants to kill Tameez (Nishesh), one of the kids of the group, so that he can get Rs 500 crore. However, what these people do not realize is that the place is haunted by two ghosts, a mother (Geeta) and her daughter (Monica), to who they have no plans to move out.

Considering that the wave of horror-comedy is now at its peak, Sanguchakkaram feels at least two-three years late. It doesn’t help that Marison treats us mostly with clichés to tell her story. Except for Tamizh, no other child is given any specific character trait, and they all seem to be completely replaceable. In fact, there are over half a dozen kids in the group, but if there were just two kids around, the script wouldn’t change even a tiny bit. We never care for them enough.

Most of the characters in the first half involve characters stumbling into the dark, with adults talking about the ghost’s possible presence and children playing hide-and-seek. Even after the ghosts appear, a lot of screen time is wasted chasing down these intruders one after the other. First, the ghost’s head pops up (with the makeup on it looks like he’s just escaped from the salon with a beauty pack on his face), then we see the rest of his body in a plume of smoke, it yells at the character. ), and pursues them. Marison repeats the same setback over and over again that after a point, we start to feel like we’re the only ones trapped.

And for all their power, ghosts rarely cause serious harm to these people. They recover quickly after being beaten to continue with the routine. Even in the second half, we get some exorcists who could have been turned into cool killers in Kung Fu Hustle, they are not used properly, which clearly shows the director’s lack of imagination. it shows. The filmmaking is also similar to what we see in contemporary TV serials like Nandini… Garish sets, cheap-looking effects, and hardly compelling.

Agree that it is billed as a children’s film, but what we get here is downright kiddish that even kids might find it somewhat amusing.

The film feels different in not giving backstory to the ghosts, which is quite a relief. Some touches are interesting but are not developed properly… like, children are overcoming their fear of ghosts and even taunting them and some dialogues that serve as social commentary. Huh; When the kidnappers learn that these are children studying in private schools, one tells the other that there is no point in asking their parents for money as the school would have already taken out all their money! The epilogue, in fact, ends with a loud dialogue on Rajinikanth’s political entry. I wish the director had brought such bubbliness to the rest of the film…

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