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Rubina Dilaik on Professional, Personal Setbacks: Says Producer Cheated Her; Had a Rough Time With Abhinav Shukla

Rubina Dilaik is one of the most popular television actresses right now, but the Bigg Boss 14 winner did not have it easy. She made her debut with Chotti Bahu in 2008 and went on to be a part of several popular shows like Shakti Astitva Ke Ehsaas Ki and Devon Ke Dev…Mahadev. In a recent interview with Bollywood Bubble, she recalled an incident where a producer cheated her of lakhs. In 2011, her payments were due for months, following which she urged the producer to meet her to understand what is happening. She said that when he finally met her, the production house showed her records of the shoot being delayed, the reason and the loss incurred due to it.

“My uplinks were worth ₹16 lakhs, in 2011. And honestly, none of the events were true. There were nine such events that were written,” she said adding that there was another incident involving an insect bite on Madh Island, during a shoot, which led to her getting a fever for two to three hours.

“That event was written in the ledger and the money that was deducted for that two hours of delay of the shoot was almost ₹1.45 lakhs. So I have paid all of that out of my pocket,” she said.

She continued that she was devastated and had to sell off her house. “My very own house in the city of dreams. I had two houses at that point in time, I had to sell them off because I was way behind my commitments. I was way behind my EMIs. I sold off my car. From then I decided, no Mercedes and BMWs, it’s okay. I don’t want to live in uncertainty, insecurity, and constant anxiety,” she informed.

The actress also opened up on the setbacks she faced in her personal life. When she and her actor-husband Abhinav Shukla had participated in Bigg Boss 14, they were going through a rough phase in their marriage and almost considered getting divorced. She talked about her marriage openly on the show. However, by the time the show ended, they were able to bridge the gap in their relationship.

Opening up on the same, she told the portal that the crack was the gap of communication. “We are two strong-headed people and at that point in time, you realise that small talks are not our subjects. So somewhere we just expect out of each other to understand without even talking, but covid played such a havoc on everybody’s mental state that speaking and talking and remaining in silence with each other wasn’t the option at that point in time because we were readjusting our lives in so many ways. That gap of communication just kept increasing.”

On talking about their relationship on the show, she said, “Firstly I was mindful of what kind of reality show I am going to do, secondly, the biggest reason, so as we had mentioned we were contemplating for separation and we had given ourselves six months. November was the time when we had to reassess ourselves whether we want to stay together or not. So in September, they approached us, Bigg Boss makers had been after me for 4-5 years to do it and I had always said I am not a Bogg Boss person. I and Abhinav were already making our own paths and bridging our own ways and everything and we had gone back to our farmhouse and were staying there. They called us and I told Abhinav, ‘Do you think we should do it?’ He said, ‘Dont you think we will be able to shift our focus from our problem to maybe someone else’s problem and maybe our problems just dissolve.’ and I said this is a different perspective, ‘But do you think it will be wise?’ Abhinav said, ‘Maybe it just gives another flavour to our lives.’ We discussed it.”

Recently, the actors made a romantic trip to the island nation of Maldives.

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