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RLD Chief Jayant Chaudhary Meets Akhilesh Yadav Amid Alliance Buzz; Announcement Later This Month

Rashtriya Lok Dal Chief Jayant Chaudhary met Samajwadi Party chief Akhilesh Yadav in Lucknow on Tuesday amidst talks of both the parties finalising alliance for the 2022 Uttar Pradesh State Assembly polls. As per information, the meeting between the two lasted for over 40 minutes and the alliance could be announced later this month.

Sources in the Samajwadi Party revealed that the meeting was kept a low profile and not many knew about the meeting until the RKD chief arrived at the residence of Akhilesh Yadav. Sources also reveal that the vehicle that ferried Jayant Chaudhary from the airport was sent from Akhilesh. The RLD chief tweeted a picture of himself with Akhilesh and wrote ‘Badhte Kadam’, hinting towards cementing the alliance between the two parties.

Akhilesh also tweeted, ‘Jayant Chaudhary Ke Sath Badlav ki Ore’. As per sources, RLD could get anywhere around 30 to 35 seats, also on some seats Samajwadi Party candidates may contest on RLD tickets as well.

Earlier, there were some issues on three seats including two from Baghpat and one from Mathura between the two parties, however, now it seems that the issues have been resolved between the two parties. Now, the SP will be looking to strengthen its roots in the western UP.

Earlier, in an exclusive interview with news18, the RLD chief had said that RLD and SP were working towards finalising a tie-up as soon as possible. “We are working towards a similar direction. I am also holding programmes independently, he (Akhilesh) is also holding programmes independently and we are moving towards giving a strong option to the people. The rumours about me going with the BJP are baseless. We have struggled for the past seven years. We didn’t bow down when we lost elections. Now when people are coming with us, then why would we bow down in front of the BJP?” he had said.

Revealing the nitty-gritty about the alliance between SP and RLD, Jayant had said, “The alliance between the SP and RLD is taking time because there are formalities that you have to adhere to and you have to abide by those things. I have to look at many things including our candidates, our seats. There needs to be an understanding of that and that is a very important aspect of seat-sharing. But we are both working towards that.”

However, now after a meeting between the two leaders, it is expected that soon a joint press conference may be called to formally announce their alliance for the 2022 UP Polls. Sources reveal the press conference will be organised soon in Lucknow.

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