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Recent Twists And Turns In Tamil Serial Baakiyalakshmi Leaves Fans Disappointed

In the latest episode it is seen that Ramamurthy (Gopinath’s father) gets to know that his son has an affair with Radhika.

Baakiyalakshmi has created a good fan following within two years since it started airing on Vijay TV.

Tamil serial Baakiyalakshmi, which streams on Vijay TV from March 16, 2020, has become a favourite among viewers due to its storyline based on the subject of women empowerment. The serial revolved around a homemaker Baakiyalakshmi who embarks on a journey to carve out her separate identity. She does so after realising that her efforts for the family remain unrecognised by other members. Actress Suchitra KS plays the role of Baakiyalakshmi and actor Sathish plays the character of her husband Gopinath Ramamurthy. Baakiyalakshmi and Gopinath have three children Chezhiyan, Ezhil and Iniya. Chezhiyan is the elder son and Ezhil is the youngest. The serial has gone through a lot of twists and turns which has left the fans saddened.

In the latest episode it is seen that Ramamurthy (Gopinath’s father) gets to know that his son has an affair with Radhika. Ramamurthy is saddened by Gopinath’s betrayal to his wife. Fans were also sad over this incident. The recent promo of this show posed another shock for them as they see Gopinath asking Baakiyalakshmmi to sign on the papers without telling her what the papers are about.

Gopinath is seen having a conversation with Radhika. At this moment Baakiyalakshmi arrives. Gopinath is left shocked at this moment. When asked by Baakiyalakshmi what he is doing, he says that she needs to sign some papers. As she signs the papers without even knowing what is written in them, Gopinath is shocked over the extent of trust his wife has on him. These twists and turns have left the audience thoroughly engaged to the show. Only Ezhil and Gopinath’s father are seen supporting Baakiyalakshmi.

Baakiyalakshmi is the remake of Bengali show, Sreemoyee. Sreemoyee airs on Star Jalsa. Besides Suchitra KS and Sathish, VJ Vishal, Rithika Tamil Selvi, Rajyalakshmi and Neha Menon are also a part of this show.

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