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Painter Asks For A Selfie, Here’s How Rakhi Sawant Reacts

Fans praised Rakhi and applauded her simplicity.

Rakhi was spotted by paparazzi outside a gym in Mumbai.

Rakhi Sawant is known for her bold and outspoken attitude. We got to see numerous instances of her bold demeanour in reality TV show Bigg Boss. Besides her daring attitude, the actress never fails to impress fans with her kind gestures. The actress, on February 18, happily obliged a painter outside her gym in Mumbai when he asked for a selfie.

Rakhi was spotted by paparazzi outside her gym in Mumbai. Many of her fans were also waiting for her. Among these fans, Rakhi spotted a painter waiting for her. The actress said to him, “Aap colour kartey kartey kahan chale aaye?” The painter replied that what they can do besides living and eating on footpaths. Showing off his colour smeared t-shirt he said that people like her are the lucky ones who are getting to enjoy and have a chance of travelling to so many places. Rakhi and others present there had a good laugh at such candidness displayed by the painter.

Rakhi turned to the cameras at this moment and said, “Ye hai humara hero asli (He is our real hero)”. The painter then took out his cell phone and requested Rakhi for a selfie. While posing Rakhi was standing at a distance from him. The painter then said to her, “Sharmao Mat. (Don’t feel embarrassed)”. Rakhi replied that she is not feeling shy. Very candidly then, the actress placed her hand on his shoulder.

Fans praised Rakhi and applauded her simplicity. The painter was happy having taken a selfie with the actress.

Rakhi was praised in the comment section. Many spoke about the fact that the actress is not fake and doesn’t shy away from expressing her emotions. Rakhi was admired by many of her fans for her simplicity.

Rakhi was last seen in Bigg Boss 15. The actress was recently in news for her divorce with Ritesh Singh.

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