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Neetu Kapoor Recalls Rishi Kapoor’s Last Moments: ‘I Could Not See Him Like That’

Veteran actor Rishi Kapoor’s absence can never be filled in the lives of his loved ones including his wife Neetu Kapoor. There is no doubt that Neetu Kapoor misses her late husband every day. In a recent interview, the Dance Deewane Juniors judge recalled the last moments of Rishi Kapoor and shared how the veteran actor was unable to speak or lift his fingers. While Neetu Kapoor mentioned that Rishi Kapoor wanted to say something in his last days, she also added it was ‘tormenting’ to see him go through so much.

“Ranbir and Alia got married on April 14, but April 13 was the puja. For those two weeks, he was on the ventilator and there was no conversation and no communication. There was no interaction–well, there was, he was looking at me, and I took an iPad with alphabet and I told him to point out what he wanted to say, but he couldn’t lift his finger. It was just Ranbir and me in the hospital, and to see him go through that was so tormenting. To see a man like him… he wanted to say so much, and he couldn’t express. I couldn’t see him like that,” she told Film Companion as cited by Pinkvilla.

During the same interview, Neetu Kapoor also shared how the late actor Rishi Kapoor was very protective. “He was too protective. He just wouldn’t let go of me. But when Riddhima got married, she bloomed. You have to let go of people. It’s their journey. Let them lead their own lives, and be happy,” she said.

Earlier during an interaction with News18.com, Neetu also revealed that ever since her husband’s death there is not a single day when the family doesn’t think of him. “I don’t want to be sad today. I want to celebrate him and his life just like how he would have wanted me to be. My kids and I celebrate his life by remembering all our fond memories. The entire family plans to get together and reminiscence our days with him. Rishi will be in our hearts forever,” she said.

For the unversed, Rishi Kapoor passed away in April 2020 due to prolonged illness. His last movie Sharmaji Namkeen was released recently.

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