Needi Naadi Oke Katha Telugu Movie Download Leaked By Tamilrockers

Needi Naadi Oke Katha Telugu Movie Download Leaked By Tamilrockers
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Needi Naadi Oke Katha Telugu Movie Download Leaked By Tamilrockers

Needi Naadi Ok Katha Full Movie Download In Hd

Critics Rating: 3.5/5

Story: Sagar (Shri Vishnu) is a happy student who is not interested in his studies at all. The son of a teacher (Devi Prasad), he feels the pressure of both his father and society. But what happens when he doesn’t live up to their expectations?

Review: Rudraraj Sagar (Shri Vishnu) is the son of a highly respected teacher (Devi Prasad), who lives by principles. And that is the curse of his existence. He fails his exams three times in a row, due to his father’s concern, and commits some such foolish act that greatly tarnishes his father’s reputation. He decides to redeem himself in the eyes of his father and enlists the help of the studious Dharmika (Satna Titus), who introduces him to the inspiring works of an orator (Posani Krishna Murali). But what happens when, in spite of his best efforts, the ocean fails to conform to the arrangement – ​​that is the ‘Needi Nadi Ok Katha’.

The words ‘kramshikshana’ (discipline) and ‘settlement’ carry heavy connotations in the film, something that most Indians can relate to. The film puts a mirror in front of the society that in our country getting good grades and settling in a high-pressure, high-paying job is more important than happiness. And when one fails to conform to this carefully designed system, all hell breaks loose. Sagar represents everyone who is neither studious nor creative, neither ambitious nor extravagant, and yet aims to lead a happy life by doing something in which he is capable.

At one end of the story is a man who breaks into a million pieces because of the curveball life his parents and society keep throwing at him. On the other hand, a father wants nothing but the best for his son and hence, expects it against this expectation to improve his way and learn to live a life that is accepted by everyone. But while it is clear that the man only wants to redeem himself and change his ways for the love of his father, it is never really clear whether the father really wants to pass on his pride and ‘honor’ to his son. loves more than

The fact that most people lead fake lives, pretending to be happy and mistaking capitalist profit for happiness, is something that is very clear in the film. Sri Vishnu as both the carefree ocean and the heartbroken, striving for his father’s love, refusing to turn into an emotionless robot, and suffocating himself to live a life deemed good by others, is a splendid performance. He plays his character effortlessly, both when mouthing genuinely humorous one-liners and when pulling his hair out in desperation. Satna Titus is quite good in her role as Dharma, who plays the role of a catalyst in the story by helping Sagar understand the chaos around him. Devi Prasad as the relentless and irritable father and Posani Krishna Murali as the abominable motivational speaker breathe life into their roles.

Debutant director Venu Udugula has managed to make a film that stands out from the rest, so congratulations on that. The film’s music, also by debutante Suresh Bobbili, is good and matches well with the story. It is not every day that one gets to see a raw, realistic, and eye-opening film like ‘Nidi Nadi Ok Katha’. This movie will not entertain you in any way; In fact, it will make you scream in the seat with the realism of it all. Even though it doesn’t follow the regular, old commercial formula (and even has a delightful song usually with subtle jokes in the heroes’ intro songs), the film is fresh in its emotions and well worth watching. If you can ignore the fact that the film lags in some parts and has a few jumbles here and there, give it a try this weekend without a second thought.

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