National Pet Day 2022: How To Celebrate The Day With Your Pet

Being a pet parent is one of the most important and joyous jobs. Taking care of your pet buddy, who most probably loves you more than you do them, warms your heart like no other. They cheer you up, soothe the mind and give you a reason to get out of bed in the morning and enjoy the day with them.

To celebrate the adorable relationship you have with your pet, Colleen Paige, an animal welfare advocate and expert, founded the the National Pet Day on April 11, and since then, the day is observed every year in the US.

The best feature of National Pet Day is that there are no wrong ways to celebrate it. Whatever you do for your beloved animal to make them wag their tails, or run round and round all cheerful and happy is how you should celebrate the day. However, to give your plan of action some direction, we have brought you some ways.

Outdoor adventures

If your pet is an outdoor enthusiast, one of the first things you need to do is plan a Pet Day Out. Parks, treks, and playing zones for your pets are some of the perfect places to take them and celebrate National Pet Day together.

Have A Photo Shoot

Some snaps to cherish the time you spend together. National Pet Day can also includes a photoshoot at home or at studio. Pose with your buddy, dress them up, or use props, and make sure you get some really good shots of yourself and your pet.

Irresistible Treats

This one has got to be on your list of things. Bring home or cook your pet’s favourite food, no matter what it may be. A good buddy needs an awesome treat on National Pet Day.

Let Them Enjoy A New Toy

Well, we are sure your pet already might have a favourite toy. But since it is their day, how about introducing your pet to a new toy. They might fall in love with the new one or have two favourites. But rest assured, you are the favourite company they like to spend their time with.

The Most Important Thing!

Hands down the most crucial thing to add to your list of things to do for your pet on National Pet Day is showering them with loads and loads of love. We know your love for your pet already knows no bounds. But today, going a notch extra would just be the perfect thing.

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