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Miss Universe 2021 Harnaaz Sandhu’s Answer Reminds BTS ARMYs of RM and J-Hope, Here is Why

Harnaaz Sandhu has made India proud by bringing the Miss Universe crown home after 21 years. Her predecessor, Andrea Meza of Mexico, who won the pageant in 2020, crowned Harnaaz as the winner while Nadia Ferreira, 22, of Paraguay, came in second. It is natural that Indians are rejoicing at her achievement, but the Chandigarh-based model also seems to be warming the hearts of the BTS ARMY.

The fans were filled with a sense of nostalgia because her answer during the final round reminded them of the speech BTS member RM aka Kim Namjoon gave at the United Nations in 2018. BTS had spoken on what it takes to practice self-love and acceptance in the seven-minute speech they delivered in English at UN. RM claimed that his life transformed when he resolved to follow his heart and shut out the outer world’s clamour about what he thought should be ideal for him.

Here is the iconic speech RM gave during UNICEF’s Global initiative, Generation Unlimited:

Harnaaz Sandhu’s motivational words truly embarked on the same philosophy as BTS’, and provide encouragement to everyone struggling to cultivate self-love and acceptance. The BTS fanbase isn’t wrong when they see a connection between the two speeches and highlight it on social media to figure out if, she too, is part of the ARMY. Her answers also reminded the fans of J-Hope.

Here’s a look at the comparisons the BTS army drew on Twitter:

On being asked what advice she would provide to young women on how to deal with the pressures they face today. She said, “The biggest pressure the youth of today is facing is to believe in themselves, to know that you are unique and that’s what makes you beautiful. Stop comparing yourselves with others and let’s talk about more important things that’s happening worldwide. This is what you need to understand.”

Amidst the thundering applause, the 21-year-old continued, “Come out, speak for yourselves because you are the leader of your life, you are the voice of your own. I believed in myself and that’s why I am standing here today.”

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