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Milind Soman’s Wife Ankita Konwar on Battling Depression: ‘Not Everyone Who Looks Fine Is Fine’

Fitness enthusiast Ankita Konwar, who is married to actor-model Milind Soman, has opened up about battling depression and anxiety in her new Instagram post. She also mentioned a few practices that help if one ever goes through such feelings.

Ankita posted a picture of herself on Wednesday on Instagram wherein she was all smiles while sipping on a drink. She revealed that though she looked okay in the photo, she wasn’t feeling fine at all. In a lengthy note, she wrote, “A picture from recent past, a day when I had a storm in my head but my face reflected calmness with a smile. Yes, I still have a few days where everything isn’t ‘fine’. Not everyone who looks ‘fine’ is actually fine.

Things can seem overwhelming and meaningless at the same time. But I don’t get scared like I used to. After living a long period of anxiety and depression and getting out of it with all the courage I had in me, I still face tiny episodes of dark patches. Way milder, way shorter and way better than the ‘all consuming’ days I actually lived through.”

She continued, “But now, I have gotten stronger, become more positive and I manage to see the bright light through the dark patches. I don’t let it consume me, I cry when I have to, I don’t hold onto my thoughts like I used to.

I let them come and go as they please. It requires a lot of practice but I’m getting better at it. I remember reading somewhere that ‘some of us require a little more effort to survive in this world than the rest’ and I have finally come to accept that fact. Of course, the events and experiences of our lives play a huge role in it.

But we must get all the help we can to navigate our way through it. It’s not easy and no it doesn’t get easier, you just get better and stronger.”

In an earlier Instagram post, Ankita opened up on being abused during childhood and suffering many losses. “Abused as a child, grew up in hostels, lived in foreign cities alone, cheated by people I trusted most. Lost a brother, lost ex-lover, lost my father. Being called names for the way I look and judged for being with the person I love. So if you see me being optimistic, just know that I am! Love yourself,” she wrote.

One of the things that keeps Ankita ‘sane’ during challenging times is running, she said earlier. “These small runs are definitely keeping me sane. What’s keeping you sane? Stay active, stay sane, eat well and rest well.”

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