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Lock Upp: Poonam Pandey Takes Bath in Open Yard; Munawar Says ‘Jo Makers Ko Chaihye Tha Wo Mil Gaya’

Kangana Ranaut’s reality web show Lock Upp is moving towards its finale. And before the winner is announced, the contestants are providing their fans with some exciting moments to remember them. In the latest episode of Lock Upp, viewers witnessed one such exciting moment as they saw contestants Shivam Sharma and Poonam Pandey taking baths openly in the yard area.

Shivam at first, had the idea to take a bath openly in the yard area. He got a bucket full of water and sat in his trousers to take a bath. But, Saisha Shinde and Poonam Pandey started shouting that it is unfair that he has his pants on. The two, along with Payal Rohatgi shared that it is an old show and he is repeating himself. After getting this remark from Saisha, Poonam and Payal, Shivam removed his trousers and started taking a bath in his underwear. Saisha and Poonam dragged a bench and sat on it to enjoy the show. Later, Poonam Pandey also decided to take a bath in the yard area. She shared her plan with Saisha and Payal Rohatgi and stated that she is all for the audience.

As they take bath in the yard, Saisha and Prince walked inside the jail area and informed Munawar and others that Poonam Pandey is planning to take bath in the yard area. Prince says, “Isliye main bahar nahi jaa raha hoon. (that is why I’m not going out)” Munawar adds, “I am also not going as I am fasting for Ramzan.” Saisha teases him and they laugh it out. L

Later on, the contestants including Prince Narula, Munawar, Anjali and Saisha are seen having a conversation about Poonam and her antics. Munawar says, “Uske jaane ke chances badh gaye, Poonam ke kyunki makers ko chahiye the woh unko mil gaya, ab Poonam aap jaa sakte hain, kyunki humein joh chahiye tha woh mil gaya.( the chances for Poonam to get eliminated are increasing as what have got what they wanted. Now you can go, we got what we wanted.”

Prince interrupts to add that Poonam will still receive votes. He said, “See, all those men who want to see Poonam will keep voting for her till the end. They will always vote for her because they want to see what she will do next.” Munawar then jokes, “If she promises on Thursday-Friday episode to take off t-shirt if the audience saves her or vote for her in highest numbers, they she will win the show.”

Then we see the Roadies X2 winner laughing and Munawar adds that the makers will make her winner before the finale trophy. They will hand-over her the trophy 1 week before the finale saying let’s not waste everyone’s time. Prince further says that he will accept in front of the makers that after Poonam’s move they will not be able to do anything.

When Poonam was taking a bath everyone else except Payal Rohatgi sat inside the lock up area. The makers of the show did not air the footage of Poonam taking a bath inside Lock Upp.

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