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‘Life was in Danger’, Says South TV Actress on Abusive marriage

South TV actress Shalini, who appeared in several dance and comedy shows, has expressed her ordeal of living with her abusive husband.

Shalini, in an interview with Tamil YouTube channel Galatta Voice, has claimed that her life was in danger while she lived with her husband.

Shalini shared how she got divorced from her first husband and then fell in love with a person named Mohammed from Dubai. Shalini revealed that she met Mohammed in Dubai where she had gone for a dance show a few years ago.

She further said that they soon fell in love and later decided to tie the knot. Shalini also added that even Mohammed was a divorcee. The actress, who even has a baby girl, revealed that her second marriage turned toxic due to the abusive behaviour of Mohammed.

Making shocking revelations, Shalini claimed that her second husband used to beat her repeatedly under the influence of alcohol. Branding him as a “psycho”, Shalini said that many times she even suffered injuries due to the violence. Moreover, she highlighted that Mohammed was an alcoholic and used to hurl abuse at her.

Fed up the cruelty, Shalini shared that she sought help from police and the matter was even brought before a court. According to Shalini, as police probed the case, it was found that Mohammed had married more than two women and concealed the act from her.

Shalini alleged that Mohammed would beat her just because she is an actress. Even now, Shalini said, he sometimes visits their daughter and has been constantly threatening her.

At the end of the interview, Shalini advised women to be cautious while choosing a partner and warned them to beware of men like her second husband.

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