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If you love KFC, then you know how innovative they are with their food, beverage, décor et al. One of the most popular fast-food chains across the globe, KFC remains in continuous experimentation to offer something unique to their patrons. Be it combining biryani and KFC fried chicken or making plant-based fried chicken for the vegans, we have seen the brand doing it all. Adding to the list, KFC recently introduced a special utensil in the American market that is dubbed to elevate the guest’s ‘finger licking’ experience at a KFC joint. The finger-friendly utensil is called ‘finger spork’. Wonder what is it all about’? Let’s find it out in details.

“The fried chicken chain unveils an innovative eating utensil that makes all your KFC favourites (literally) finger lickin’ good. Introducing KFC Finger Sporks, KFC’s new ergonomic and gastronomic piece of tableware-tech that’ll bring out the fun in family dinner,” reads a report on the official website of KFC Global. For the unversed, spork is basically a combination of spoon and fork, which was popularised in the 1970s by KFC founder Colonel Harland Sanders. However, the ‘finger spork’ is a unique take on the classic utensil.

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How To Use KFC ‘Finger Spork’?

“To use, simply place your finger in the KFC Finger Spork, dip said finger into your favorite KFC side item and then elevate the vessel into your mouth,” reads the report. This specially designed spork helps to optimize the consumption of KFC sides, including mashed potatoes, dips and more.

Speaking about the unique utensil, Nick Chavez, CMO at KFC USA explains, “KFC Finger Sporks are taking sides off the sidelines and putting them in the spotlight. Every detail of the innovative Finger Spork has been carefully crafted and pressure tested – by way of eating many KFC sides – for the optimal finger lickin’ good experience.”

Sounds interesting; isn’t it? Would you too want to get hold of one such finger spork before digging into your favourite dishes from KFC? Do let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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