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Johnny Depp Receives Gifts, Cards From Fans Waiting Outside Virginia Courtroom, Watch Video

Johnny Depp receives gifts from fans as he exits the courtroom

The video shows fans throwing cards and gifts inside Johnny Depp’s car while others held onto his hands and took videos and photos of the event.

In a recent viral video, actor Johnny Depp was seen receiving gifts and cards and even a briefcase from fans who were expectantly waiting for the Hollywood icon outside the Virginia courthouse, where the actor is facing an ongoing trial involving his former wife Amber Heard. The video in question was from JessVal Ortiz, a content creator who detailed her experience of going to the Johnny Depp-Amber Heard trial that was only 20 minutes away from her house.

The reel featured Ortiz walking to the trial where various vans from various media outlets were gathered to cover the same. The clip also featured many fans crowding around Johnny Depp’s van when he exited the court. The well-wishers crowded at Depp’s open car window and threw cards and gifts inside the car while others held onto his hands and took videos and photos of the event. One excited fan even snuck a whole briefcase into Depp’s car as he drove by. When Amber Heard’s car rolled up into the driveway, no one seemed to bother and the silence was striking as her car quietly speeded away. Ortiz labelled her experience, “that. was. WILD.”

Fans commented, “I loved every second of this video.” Another one observed, “The whole briefcase Johnny was given.” Some were jealous that JessVal managed to get so close to Johnny. One fan commented, “You are so lucky you met Johnny Depp.”

Johnny Depp is currently caught up in a defamation lawsuit against his former wife, Amber Heard. The couple were married in 2015 and ended their marriage in 2017 following which Heard wrote an op-ed for the Washington Post. The op-ed detailed domestic abuse and institutions that protect abusers. Depp’s name was never mentioned but it led to Depp losing a lot of his acting roles including his role as Jack Sparrow in the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise.

Depp then filed a USD 50 million lawsuit against Heard for defamation while she countersued for USD 100 million. The trial started on 11th April and is being held in Fairfax, Virginia and is expected to continue for six weeks.

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