‘It’s Absolutely Nonsense, Throw it Into Bin’-Ravi Shastri’s Take On Conflict of Interest

When Ravi Shastri speaks, people listen. Speaking at the Indian Express’ Express E Adda, former India coach lashed out at people dragging BCCI to courts on the name of Conflict of Interest, adding that he is not able to commentate or coach in IPL. He cited the example of Ricky Ponting, saying the Aussie cricketer speaks freely during his commentary stints at BBL and no one questions him.

“It is over the top this conflict of interest. I was not really for it. A masseur with the Indian team cannot work with an IPL team. Conflict of interest is absolute nonsense. It should be thrown into the bin. For me to not be allowed to do commentary if I am India coach, how is that conflict of interest?”

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He added that surge in Conflict cases are hindering game’s progress as cricketers like Sachin Tendulkar aren’t able to comeback and contribute to the game as there is always a possibility of someone dragging him to the court with the ‘C’ word.

“Ever since it came out in Lodha report, I was against it. You aren’t giving your cricketers a chance. It’s absolutely nonsense, this conflict of interest clause, should be thrown into the bin,” he added.

Shastri had been in the bio bubble for months and he had made it clear that he wanted to leave the job because of stringent Covid protocols. When asked about his future plans or a possible coaching role in IPL 2022, he said: “I have just got out of the bubble. I have not discussed anything with anybody. I want to later come back to what I love. TV and media. I just want to coach on a grassroots level now.”

He also said that politicians in the country have done a good job administering cricket. “Politicians have done an excellent job in administering cricket in India. BCCI is one of the most efficient boards over the last 40 years.”

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When asked about the recent spat between Virat Kohli and Sourav Ganguly, he replied that the matter could have been handled better, adding that he has got nothing personal against the Bengal icon. “I see no residue. Just events and you react to those events. That aside, we are cricketers. Both of us know the game. That does not mean we will agree on anything. Interacted with Ganguly many times. With good communication, the Indian team situation can be handled better.”

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