I-League: Rajasthan United FC to Play With Only 9 Players vs RoundGlass Punjab FC

Rajasthan United FC will field only nine players in their debut I-League match on Sunday, in which they take on RoundGlass Punjab FC.

RUFC won the I-League qualifies to become the first team from Rajasthan to play in the top division of the country.

“RUFC qualified for the I-league on the basis of winning the qualifiers in October this year. An extended qualifiers season meant that the club couldn’t sign new players after qualifying for the I-league since registration had already closed for the players,” Rajasthan United FC said in a statement.

“As big as an achievement the qualification was, it also left the club with very little time to prepare and put together a competitive team for the same. We retained minimal players from the qualifiers and sought to get better players for the higher league – seeing as the competition is undoubtedly higher.

“With the transfer window for the professional players closed (In Fact, before the qualifiers itself on August 31). This meant registering players would be tough, and all the transfers could only resume in the new year (From January 1).”

According to Rajasthan United FC, the All India Football Federation (AIFF) had issued a statement that said teams who cannot sign new players must field amateur players until December 31 but a latter guideline clarified that amateur players signed after August 31 will not be allowed.

RUFC had registered most of their players as amateurs, in accordance to the earlier AIFF guideline.

“The RUFC requested the league to consider postponing the fixture to help avoid the embarrassment this would cause not just the club but also the league, our opponent, and Indian football overall,” read the RUFC press release.

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