Here’s How You can Prevent Hypertension and Control High Blood Pressure

High blood pressure or hypertension is a state in which the blood pressure rises to extreme levels. The dangerous condition affects millions across the globe and should not be left untreated, once detected, else it can turn fatal. High blood pressure has no symptoms but can lead to some serious health problems including heart attack, brain stroke and kidney diseases. According to WHO, cases of hypertension have increased since 1990.

Blood pressure within the 120/80 mm Hg range is considered normal. Your blood pressure is considered elevated, if it reads 130/80 mm Hg or more. Apart from medication, lifestyle changes can help to control the blood pressure level in the long term. If you or your dear ones are suffering from this condition, strict measures should be adopted to control high blood pressure levels. These measures are:

Regular exercising

Regular exercise is a must for all ages and for those suffering from increased blood pressure levels, physical exercise will provide strength to the heart. A stronger heart can pump more blood, therefore reducing the pressure on arteries. The rise in pressure of blood against the wall of arteries leads to increase in blood pressure.

Cut down on smoking, drinking

Smoking and drinking can be injurious to anyone’s health. It leads to a significant rise in the blood pressure level and heart rate. Putting an end to the bad habit can be difficult, but it is better to quit it once and for all.

Practice yoga

Stress is a major contributor in increasing hypertension. Better sleep and reduced stress is essential to bring down high blood pressure effectively. If you can spare time to practice yoga or meditation, it will make significant improvement in your mental health apart from lowering the blood pressure levels.

Reduce sodium intake

Patients suffering from hypertension must avoid eating processed foods. Not only does it include refined carbohydrates, chips and snacks contain a lot of extra salt which leads to an increase in blood pressure. Cutting down on processed foods will help to take reduced amounts of complex sugar and fats as well.

Increase potassium take

For all those suffering from high blood pressure, potassium is an essential nutrient as it helps to eliminate excess sodium. It is recommended to add potassium-rich food to the diet because it will ease pressure on blood vessels. Potatoes, bananas, avocados, apricots, and milk are some of the foods that contain the trace mineral.

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