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‘For Gender Equality, Drag Upper Caste Women Out of Homes, Make Them Work’: MP Minister Sparks Row

Social media reacted sharply while Rajput Sabha and Karni Sena members staged protests in various cities of Madhya Pradesh including Bhopal on Friday over state minister Bisahulal Singh’s alleged adverse comments on Thakur and other upper caste women.

The minister who hails from Anuppur was addressing a women’s empowerment event in his hometown on Thursday.

While commenting on gender equality, the minister purportedly said while women from other castes come out and work in society, Thakur and upper caste women are kept behind the doors by their families. If they don’t come out, women from Thakur and other upper caste families should be dragged out of their homes and made to work to ensure gender equality, the minister reportedly said. He also added that mere speeches from stages won’t bring gender equality.

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Singh has also been accused of making derogatory remarks against women in the past.

Neha Bagga, spokesperson of the ruling Bharatiya Janata Party, said the BJP believes in women’s empowerment and respect. “Our government worked for women’s education, stopping crimes against women, empowering women through Self Help Groups,” she added, claiming the opposition Congress was trying to cause a rift among women by dividing them into different categories. “The opposition is busy in malicious campaigns with the help of forged videos and pictures,” she added.

Archana Jaiswal, the newly appointed Mahila Congress president, slammed the minister for his remarks and sought an apology from him, calling his words an insult to women. She alleged that the BJP has a tendency of courting women voters and then not offering them respect. “We had Indira ji and now Sonia Gandhi as national president. But why hasn’t the BJP been able to appoint a single woman president as of now?” asked Jaiswal. “We have handed a memorandum, burnt effigies of the minister in Anuppur region and will do the same in Bhopal.”

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