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EXO: SM Ent Clarifies Chanyeol Didn’t Misbehave With Female Influencer; To Take Strong Legal Action

Recently, rumours did the rounds of the internet claiming that EXO member Chanyeol behaved rudely with a female influencer. A social media user claimed that when she was on her scooter, travelling from one place to another, a K-pop idol riding a high-end foreign car not only drove beside her in a threatening manner but also made a rude gesture with a finger. Soon enough, Chanyeol’s name was associated with the incident.

However, before things could go out of control, EXO’s agency SM Entertainment issued a clarification that the idol mentioned in the incident is not Chanyeol. To top it off, the agency has decided to take strict legal actions against those spreading false rumours.

As reported by Soompi, the agency said, “The figure within the relevant video is not Chanyeol.” They continued, “The vehicle is completely different from the car owned by Chanyeol. We will take strong legal action against the spread of false information.”

The incident came to light on April 26 when Channel S’s Real Granny featured put a female biker and YouTuber in the spotlight. During the show. she revealed that she was threatened by a famous idol while driving. “One time, I was driving a small scooter on the way to work, and a foreign car was intentionally driving in a threatening manner. I sensed danger, so I avoided the car, [but the driver] suddenly made a rude gesture with his finger,” she said.

“I chased after the driver, and I approached the foreign car that was on standby at a traffic light to knock on the window and ask, ‘Why did you curse at me?’ When I did that, the driver pushed down his hood and only continued to curse at me with his finger. However, I realized he was a very famous idol,” she added.

Meanwhile, Chanyeol enlisted for his compulsory military service last month. He is an active duty soldier.

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