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Nothing breaks the heart of a wine lover than watching the freshness of their favourite wine disappear after opening the wine bottle. At times it becomes difficult for a person to finish up an entire bottle of wine at once and the struggle that follows up is to retain its freshness and flavour.

Are you struggling with the same problem?

Wine Educator and entrepreneur, Sonal Holland, who is also dubbed India’s first Master of Wine, brings you three simple steps to tackle the issue.

According to Sonal, “From the moment you open the bottle, the wine begins to lose its aromas and flavours. Oxygen is the single biggest enemy of wine and turning it to vinegar very quickly if left unattended.”

The Wine Educator has suggested three simple steps that one can follow in order to retain the freshness of their favourite wine, while also simultaneously not losing its natural flavour.

Tip no. 1: Use a Vacuum pump
Sonal recommends using a vacuum pump that can suck the air out of an open bottle. It helps in not allowing the wine to come in contact with oxygen and keeps the drink fresh for weeks. Sonal also suggested a brand of vacuum pump available on Amazon that can help one achieve the best result. “You need a vacuum pump that sucks the air out of the bottle, creating a vacuum and not allowing oxygen to come in contact with the wine,” she wrote.

Tip no. 2: Keep wine in the fridge
While it is a popular belief that wine remains fresh at room temperature, if one has opened a bottle then it’s necessary to store them inside a refrigerator. This helps in the reduction of chemical changes that can occur in the drink. Sonal added, “Keep your wine in the fridge – yes even your red wines. The cold temperatures in the fridge will reduce the chemical changes and there’s less chance of air interacting with the wine.”

Tip no. 3: Store the bottle upright
Sonal suggests that storing a bottle upright reduces the surface area of wine that can come in oxygen. She said, “Store the bottle upright. This reduces the surface area of wine in contact with oxygen thereby slowing down its oxidation.”

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