Do You Need a Healthy Gut? Include Probiotics in Diet with These Fermented Foods

The modern lifestyle has often been linked to high-stress levels, eating processed and high-sugar foods, too little sleep, and taking antibiotics. This might sound cool but these activities take a toll on your gut health. The gut microbiome can get adversely affected which in turn can cause a negative impact on your brain, immune system, heart, hormone levels, skin, weight, and ability to absorb nutrients. There are a number of ways, including proper dietary measures, which can help you develop good health.

Including probiotics in the diet is probably one of the best ways to keep your gut in check, and fermented food will bring you the right amount of microorganisms. Yogurt, pickles, and traditional buttermilk are some of the food items which are packed with essential probiotic bacteria.

If you are looking forward to improving your gut health by adding fermented food to your diet, check out the tips shared by nutritionist Dr Uma Naidoo in her Instagram post.

The nutritionist stated that fermented foods lead to good gut and brain health as they contain probiotics. Informing that an individual’s gut houses about 100 trillion bacteria, Naidoo said that the balance of good and bad bacteria determines how the gut impacts the rest of the body. She opined “probiotics are the good guys that we get from fermented foods such as kimchi, yogurt, and kefir.” Though the good guys are also found in supplement form, the live form in food is more ideal. Naidoo further shared that the PREbiotics are the food these microorganisms need to survive. “Some great options include garlic, bananas, and oats,” she said.

According to her, eating a diet full of a diverse range of mircroorganisms will help the gut in promoting healthy digestion. It will even produce neurotransmitters that govern mood. The nutritionist suggested that people should include three food items in their diet for a balanced intake of probiotics – plain yogurt, low-sugar kombucha, and kimchi.

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