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Divya Spandana Reminds Ajay Devgn ‘Hindi Not Our National Language’; RGV Backs Kiccha Sudeep

The Twitter exchange between Ajay Devgn and Kiccha Sudeep over the Kannada actor’s statement that Hindi is not the country’s national language has grabbed several eyeballs. While Twitter users have been reacting to Ajay’s call out and Sudeep’s response, actor and Former Member of Lok Sabha Divya Spandana aka Ramya expressed her disappointment over Ajay’s ignorance while Ram Gopal Varma has sided with Sudeep in the debate.

Earlier in the day, Ajay reached out to Sudeep on Twitter, lashing out at him for his statement that Hindi is not the country’s national language. Sudeep had made a statement about the language at a recent press conference which caught Ajay’s attention. The Kannada actor replied to Ajay, suggesting that the statement has made the headlines out of context. Ajay thanked him for clearing the misunderstanding. However, the exchange has caught everyone’s attention.

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Divya Spandana retweeted Ajay’s tweet in which he slammed Sudeep in Hindi on Twitter and wrote, “No- Hindi is not our national language. @ajaydevgn Your ignorance is baffling. And it’s great that films like KGF Pushpa and RRR have done so well in the Hindi belt- art has no language barrier. Please enjoy our films as much as we enjoy yours- #stopHindiImposition.”

Ram Gopal Varma, who recently gave a lowdown on how Bollywood might now be deprived of remake rights following the success of Pushpa, RRR and KGF Chapter 2’s Hindi versions, lauded Sudeep for his responses. He reposted Sudeep’s tweet to Ajay — in which the actor asked how the situation would pan out had he replied to Ajay’s Hindi tweet in Kannada — and said, “Nothing can drive the point better than ur question on ,what if you answer in Kannada to a Hindi tweet from @ajaydevgn.. Kudos to you and I hope everyone realises there’s no north and south and india is 1.”

Referring to Sudeep’s statement that he did not intend to hurt or provoke anyone with his statement on the language, RGV said, “Whether u intended or not am glad u made this statement ,because unless there’s a strong stir , there cannot be a calm especially at a time when there seems to be a war like situation between Bolly(north)wood and Sandal(South) wood.”

Retweeting Ajay’s response to Sudeep — in which the Runway 34 star thanked Sudeep for clarifying the misunderstanding — RGV said, “I believe so Ajay ..I know u as a person for so long and I know u could never mean it in the way it seemed to some ..Languages grew out of regional and cultural conviniences and were always meant to integrate and not separate.”

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