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‘Did Jagan Reddy Have Courage to Tell His Achievements?’ Chandrababu Naidu Takes Dig at Andhra CM

Taking a dig at the Andhra Pradesh CM Jagan Mohan Reddy, TDP chief and former CM N Chandrababu Naidu on Wednesday asked the CM to explain his achievements after his latest visit to Delhi.

Naidu questioned whether the Andhra CM asked for Special Status, Polavaram funds, Visakhapatnam railway zone and protection of Vizag Steel Plant while during Delhi visit. “Did Jagan Reddy have any courage to tell the people about his achievements?” he questioned.

Delivering a valedictory address at the party State level meeting, the TDP chief demanded an unconditional apology from the CM to the people for his all-round failures on the reorganisation promises.

Jagan Reddy, who spoke of bending the necks of the Centre before the elections, was now surrendering to Delhi for his own personal favours at the cost of the AP future, Naidu alleged.

Naidu advised the Chief Minister to reply on the public issues instead of using his ‘Sakshi clerk’ Sajjala Ramakrishna Reddy to hurl abuses on the TDP. “They gave laughable replies on their inability to cancel the CPS scheme for the Government employees. Sakshi clerk said they did not know the CPS repeal would require the total State budget. Would the CM give similar replies on the Special Status, Polavaram and other promises?” Naidu questioned.

The TDP chief asserted that the YSRCP came to power by bluffing and cheating the people in Andhra Pradesh. “After coming to power, they started looting all resources of the State. They had betrayed farmers, rythu coolies, construction workers, students, DWCRA women, employees, traders and all sections. The State witnessed all-round destruction and demolition,” he said.

Chandrababu Naidu demanded an explanation why the Jagan regime was looking at liquor sales as a source of income after promising prohibition. He also alleged that in just three years, Rs 4 Lakh Crore was taken by the state in the form of loans.

“Most of these massive loans were going to the personal family treasury of Jaganmohan Reddy but not to the public exchequer. This Government has not even given accounts for thousands of crores to the CAG. If they carried out welfare, the CM should give details how much was given to which sections of poor beneficiaries,” he added.

Naidu expressed concern over the continuing reports about the ganja and drugs being supplied to other States from AP. “When the TDP unearthed the ganja mafia and exposed the Government, the ruling party goons attacked the TDP office. They tried to suppress the TDP voice by filing false cases. But, the opposition TDP leaders and activists would not be afraid of such intimidation. They would exercise their democratic right to question when injustices and illegalities were taking place,” he added.

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