Devadas Telugu Movie Download Leaked By Tamilrockers, 9xmovies

Devadas Telugu Movie Download Leaked By Tamilrockers, 9xmovies
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Devadas Telugu Movie Download Leaked By Tamilrockers, 9xmovies

Devadas Full Movie Download In Hd

Critics Rating: 3.5/5

Devdas Story: While on the run from the police, a dreaded don seeks treatment from an honest doctor, who not only saves his life but also shelters him (and plenty of drinks). But the doctor soon learns that befriending a gangster can have dire consequences.

Devdas Review: Often, dons are portrayed comically in our films. In many cases, they are reduced to satirical roles (when they are not antagonists). In some cases, they are given a human touch and are led (Munnabhai MBBS comes to mind). Director Sriram Aditya has managed to give a unique twist to his character in his latest comic satire, breaking stereotypes. Devdas. With some raucous humor and well-written dialogues, the film is thoroughly entertaining for the most part. A tighter screenplay, less melodrama, and a better climax – and this film could have been one for the ages. But for the most part, Devdas is Good fun.

We are introduced to Deva (Akkineni Nagarjuna), a dreaded gangster who is craving blood after his mentor is brutally murdered by a rival gang. Being the most wanted criminal, the police is ready to nab Deva. While on the run from the police, an injured Deva stumbles upon a clinic run by an honest doctor, Dr. Das (Nani), who never gets tired of telling people that he is a gold medalist. Under strange circumstances, the two become friends. However, Das soon learns that befriending a wanted criminal is not as easy as it seems.

The humor is spot on Devdas, Some hilarious dialogues with Nani. There are many such moments when he destroys the house with his wisdom. Writing is creative, and Nagarjuna is not your run-of-the-mill don. He loves to drink, enjoys homely food, and enjoys spending time with people who are not afraid of him. The scenes involving the two stars are a riot, and the film mainly revolves around them (okay).

but while Devdas A good start, as the film progresses, it is interrupted by a plethora of melodrama, in which The Honest Doctor tries to persuade Don to give up a life of crime. The film has a car chase sequence with Naveen Chandra playing Nag’s rival – a scene that is too long and boring. The climax of the film is also weak and the punches required for the film are lacking. The director fails to strike a balance between light-hearted moments and the melodramatic, which hinders an otherwise hilarious film. Mani Sharma’s music is good but doesn’t stick with you.

But if there’s one thing that compels you to watch Devdas Sarthak, this is the nanny. The actor is in top form and has one of his funniest performances in recent times. Every time he introduces himself as Dr. Das, MBBS, MS, Gold Medalist, you can do nothing but laugh – and there is a lot more to him in this film. Nagarjuna plays his role with effortless ease and his scenes with Nani are especially amazing to watch. Both Rashmika and Akanksha deserved better characters even though they play people of prominence. He has largely been sidelined thanks to the show Deva Aur Das. Venela Kishore, Rao Ramesh, and Murali Sharma have small but effective roles and they are superb.

Devdas It certainly has its moments with some raucous humor and solid performances by its two stars. A little too long, there’s trouble with some avoidable melodrama and a weak climax, but that doesn’t take it away from a hilarious first part that makes it worth your while. If you are someone who enjoys Nani’s brand of humor – Devdas A must watch.

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