Deepika Padukone Reveals About Getting Lazy, Here’s How it’s Relatable

From playing badminton at national level championships to state level baseball, Deepika Padukone is a workout freak. No doubt, the ravishing actress has attained a well-toned and a sizzling figure. However, the diva recently confessed in an Instagram post that she also gets lazy at times. She also went on to reveal the real reason why she works out.

Have a look at the insta reel:-

Deepika can be seen wearing a tracksuit and sitting presumably in a gym. She then mentions, “I love working out. But I also do get lazy,” The video then shows her doing pilates and headstand effortlessly and it ends with the diva giving out the most priceless smile. Posted with the caption, “TBH (to be honest) I work out so I can eat more cake,” the reel went on to cross more than 8 lakh likes. The comment section was filled with people praising her headstand and in awe of her fitness.

Don’t forget to take a glimpse of the laziness faced by the actress in this meme. Captioned “Expectation v/s Reality,” the actress can be seen working out in one post titled as reality, where asshe is seen sleeping peacefully in the other titled ‘expectation’.

Deepika also posted an Instagram reel some time back where she was enjoying a game of badminton with Olympic bronze medalist PV Sindhu. The ace shuttler was happy with the skills of the actress. She went on to say that the latter would have become a top player if she would have played badminton. Sindhu also expressed once that if a biopic is made on her victory, she wants Deepika to play her role.

Check out the slew of pictures and videos posted by Deepika in another post.

It has been captioned, “Just a regular day in my life…Burning calories with PV Sindhu!”

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