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Debina Bonnerjee- Gurmeet Chaudhary’s Baby Had Jaundice After 5 Days, Actress Reveals

Debina Bonnerjee and her husband Gurmeet Chaudhary got very emotional on the birth of their baby girl.

Debina Bonnerjee, in a new video, has revealed that her an Gurmeet Chaudhary’s daughter, Lianna, had jaundice 5 days after birth

Gurmeet Chaudhary and Debina Bonnerjee welcomed their first child together on April 3rd. The two became parents of a baby girl and named them Lianna. Now, Debina has revealed that Lianna had jaundice after 5 days of being born.

Sharing a new video on her YouTube channel, Debina revealed that Lianna’s jaundice level had gone to 19, and anything above 15 is considered dangerous. She revealed, “A baby is just made to be worn a diaper and the eyes are covered with a pair of eye wear so that the light rays cause no harm. Lianna was put under 2 bili light.”

She continued, “I was in pain and tensed. Even Guru felt something was wrong as Lianna’s eyes were yellow. We felt guilty about not coming to the doctor before. But everyone assured us Lianna will be fine. We were informed that 90 per cent of kids are either born with jaundice or have jaundice after being born.”

She added that Lianna was okay in just a day, and the doctor joked that Lianna would be a beach baby because of how peacefully she slept. Debina also said, “Doctors told me, ‘She slept like a Queen. You take her to Goa, she will chill. She didn’t cry and slept for 24 hrs straight’… She’s gone on Guru. I call her mini Guru.”

Gurmeet and Debina became parents on April 3rd. Opening up about it, Debina had said, “It was funny that Gurmeet and I cried so much when we saw her for the first time. The happy tears just wouldn’t stop.” She also said that Gurmeet has been constantly striving to be the perfect father and a ‘hero’ to their daughter. Gurmeet had said, “I have always loved having kids around but seeing my own baby brought a different level of happiness for both of us. I have been smiling throughout.”

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