Data Show Vaccinated People Likely To Have Less Severe Symptoms of Covid-19

The Covid-19 is once again wreaking havoc across the world.

Recent data by BMC also showed that even in Mumbai, 96% of the people receiving treatment or admitted to the ICUs are unvaccinated.

The Covid-19 is once again wreaking havoc across the world. According to the WHO, almost 17 lakh cases have been recorded worldwide in the previous few days. Under such circumstances, the issue of whether the vaccination is working or not arises. Although experts have already said that the vaccination is not a guarantee of complete protection from the infection, the most recent data shows that patients who receive the vaccine have fewer and less severe symptoms of the virus.

According to Dr David Hepburn of Grange University Hospital in Cwmbran, South Wales, there’s been no vaccinated Covid victims in critical care. The £350 million Specialized Critical Care Facility with 24 ICU beds recently opened to address spiralling coronavirus infections at the time.

However, according to Dr Hepburn, the only persons now undergoing care are those who declined the vaccine. According to data from all across England, less than 9% of Covid sufferers in critical care facilities are boosted. This contrasts with much more than 60% who have not received a vaccination. Dr Hepburn also stated that many people receiving treatment at ITU had died as a result of the illness this week.

This is the scenario in the United Kingdom, where the majority of persons over the age of 18 have received the vaccination. Only a few people are not immunised. The Health Ministry has urged everybody to take a booster dosage to counteract the current Omicron strain. However, there was a 45 percent dip in the United Kingdom during the previous three days.

A recent data by Bombay Municipal Corporation also stated that even in Mumbai, India, 96% of the people receiving treatment and admitted in the ICUs are unvaccinated. The data also indicated that over 1900 patients hospitalised across 186 facilities in Mumbai city are receiving treatment on oxygen beds, yet they have not been injected with even a single dosage.

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