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Congress Fires Strong CMs, Rajasthan’s Ashok Gehlot will be Next: Punjab Ex-CM Amarinder

As Captain Amarinder Singh awaits the registration of his new party, he says he wants Prime Minister Narendra Modi to campaign for him in the 2022 Punjab elections and he will canvass for the BJP in Uttar Pradesh and Uttarakhand polls.

In an exclusive interview to CNN-News18, the Captain said Rajasthan chief minister Ashok Gehlot will be “axed” next as the Congress “hates” strong CMs.

On the repeal of three farm laws, the former Punjab CM expressed his happiness and said he always knew the new laws were not good for his state. “Farmers are objecting because of the effect it would have on the future generation.”

Here is the interview:

Farm laws will be repealed. Does that change things for you?

We believed in it from the very first day and in fact we were the first ones to move it in the assembly. I thought it was not good for my state. We never stopped people from going on a protest. I am very happy it has been done. It will affect the economy of my state. Farmers are objecting because of the effect it would have on the future generation.

But the farmers are still adamant. They want MSP (Minimum Support Price) to get a legal guarantee. Is this a reasonable demand?

MSP is essential. Every price is related to the cost of inputs. If the cost of inputs is going up, then who is affected? The farmers. MSP must be based on the annual inflation.

Should they (farmers) go back home?

They should. I told them on Gurupurab to go back home. Enjoy yourselves. The PM has assured (them).

When you had announced your tie-up with the BJP, farm laws were there. Many in the Congress called you a traitor.

The Congress does not know what it says. I know who said this. The thing is, this was for my farmers and I have done it for them. What about (Ashok) Gehlot and (Bhupesh) Baghel? Don’t they contact the PM when they need something?

But have you not been always attacking the BJP when you were in Congress?

So what? Today, I will attack the Congress because they are in opposition.

Punjab assembly elections is going to be a do-or-die battle. Are you worried? Will you have to prove yourself once again?

Not at all. I will win. I don’t have to prove myself to anyone. Everyone in Punjab knows what I am doing for them. I am not one of those who keeps oneself to oneself.

Your exit from the Congress and the infighting within the party has given hope to the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP).

The Congress doesn’t like a towering CM. AAP did badly last time and this time is worse. Congress will be finished and so will Akalis. I will win. Don’t know how many of Congress ministers will even win. We have a very good chance.

When you see an Advocate General being removed, what do you have to say?

That’s not what worries me. What are we doing to the Constitution? You have people who are not from Punjab, sitting and taking decisions like Harish Choudhary or Krishna Allavaru. How can the state run like this?

What about Rajasthan? The cabinet reshuffle there was decided by the Congress central leadership.

Take it from me. Gehlot will be next. He will be axed. He will be out. I hated the back stabbing they did (to me).

Will you go with Akalis? What if the BJP asks you to?

No question of going with Akalis. I have been with them but I can’t work with them. Neither can BJP, I know this. Akalis have also behaved badly and BJP does not trust them.

Would you project yourself as the CM?

No, this is not the time for this. I cannot comment on whether I will be the CM. We are three parties — BJP, me and Akali factions. It will have to be a combined decision.

What about the campaign?

It will be easy for me to attack the Congress. I would want the PM to campaign for me and I will campaign for the BJP in Uttar Pradesh and Uttarakhand where there are Sikhs.

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