Christmas 2021: Wondering How to Make a Simple Cake at Home? Try These Easy Homemade Recipes Today!

Christmas 2021: Christmas is here and the craving of good treats started weeks before the festival for so many of you. Something about the festive delicacies is so exciting, given the celebratory vibe. Good food and company of loved ones is all the more reason why the feast is doubly fun. Delicious desserts this season call for some cooking and baking at home. Nothing can compare to the joy of preparing delights at home and during the festive season, it feels extra special to make treats for your loved ones, right?

Many of you must have planned get-togethers with family and friends and have the sweet goodness of gingerbread and plum cake on mind. Whether you are looking forward to whipping up new desserts or just have a sweet tooth, here’s a quick guide to rustle up mouth-watering and indulgent dishes.

Make some lip-smacking cakes with these wonderful recipes, some of which will remind you of the humble tasty treats made by your mom. So get going and welcome your guests with the most scrumptious bakes:


With the sweetness of apple and the warm texture of walnuts, what’s not to love about this pick-me-up winter special bake? The perfect fall recipe is amazingly moist and is very easy to prepare. You will need some apples, eggs, walnuts and some cinnamon powder please.


Soaked in brandy, the traditional festive cake is a flavourful burst of dry fruits. Make every bite worth your while even if it takes some extra time and effort to make. Give it all the love. It does not get better than this delectable indulgence for the cold season. Stock up on apricots, raisins, figs, prunes, dates, almonds and some brandy.


Don’t miss it out on Christmas. Soaked in the goodness of cinnamon, rich dry fruits, and flavourful mix of rum, this delicious plum cake is just an ideal choice for the festivities.


Panettone is an Italian type of sweet bread originally from Milan. The process to prepare this perfect dessert for christmas and new year is long but you will remain hooked because it’s also interesting. Nuts, eggs, candied orange, lemon, red cherries and sugar, all go into making this lovely dish which will so be worth your while.


Whip up an irresistible traditional cake and dive into it. Christmas is incomplete without digging in fruity-sweet cake and this classic recipe involves delicious apple pie wrapped in tarts and cherries. Eggs, pecans, candied pineapple, and cashews are all brought together to make this dish a memorable relish.

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