Christmas 2021: Traditional Gift Ideas to Brighten the Joyous Occasion; Check Photos

Christmas 2021: It’s Christmas and we can smell the scents of the festive season in the air. Christmas is a time to remember and celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ, who preached compassion and brotherhood to mankind. Such celebrations include meeting family and friends, distribution of eatables and gifts. Below, we look at five traditional gift items for Christmas.

Baked Eatables

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It’s not Christmas without the aroma of cakes, pastries, figgy puddings and cookies filling up our olfactory senses. While many nowadays buy readymade confectionary during Christmas, nothing beats homemade cakes cooked baked items by our mothers and grandmothers. Their touch of love is the extra sauce that transforms the food like alchemy.

Greetings Cards

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One of the simplest gift items, greetings cards are easily available at most local gift shops. There are plenty of heart-warming quotes and designs to choose from, printed onto those cards. Hand-painted Christmas cards, however, are the best and feature a painting and a small message.

Winter clothing

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Many mothers and grandmothers still weave sweaters for their children and grandchildren, respectively. This is the perfect Christmas gift as the weather increases and becomes chilly outside; with countries near the poles experiencing snowfall. Nowadays, most people tend to shop for clothes online. Flannel shirts are great gift items, as are jackets with zippers and scarves.

Blankets & mattresses

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There are gifts people want and there are gifts that people need. Blankets fall in the latter category. Many people across India and elsewhere live below the poverty line and suffer during the winter months. The same goes for many community animals. There is no better gift than blankets and mattresses for those who are exposed to the chilly elements during this time.

Turtle doves

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None of us can forget the beautiful friendship between the Pigeon Lady and Kevin McCallister in the 1992 film, Home Alone 2. The film features two ornamental turtle doves that each of the above characters retains to remember the other. Turtle doves are symbols of innocence, purity and eternal love. This is because real-life turtle doves mate for life.

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