Christmas 2021: How to Beat the Post-Holiday Blues? Check Out Simple Ways for a Smooth Return to Work

Christmas 2021: No one wants to leave the comfort of staying in a hotel room, getting your morning tea in bed, and not having to work at all while enjoying a great time in the hills or at the beach. If the post-vacation stress is hitting you and getting back to work seems impossible, then you are not the only one suffering from the post-holiday blues.

Rather than being just a myth, holiday blues is a real phenomenon and people suffering from it usually experience anxiousness combined with a feeling of loneliness and a lack of focus. This makes it difficult for the person to resume his/her work.

Tackling the holiday blues does not necessarily require strict measures but simple habits can do the trick and bring you back on track. Below are some tips for you to deal with your post-holiday stress.


Instead of diving right into the work, it is advised to make a slow and smooth transition from the holiday madness to the office culture. Making a routine and dividing your time between work and leisure activities can help a ton.


You must come to terms with the reality, which is that life is not a holiday and someday or the other you will have to leave the comfort zone and get back to the grind. Cherish the memories made in the holiday, talk about it, but avoid zoning out while being physically present somewhere.


Holidays are not the only time when you can socialize and make friends. Grab opportunities like family gatherings or short lunch breaks at your workplace to spark a healthy discussion on the things you like.


Saying no may be a bit tough but reducing the consumption of alcohol or any other drug can save you from falling back into the holiday zone and will also make your body feel better and healthier, thus lighting up your mood.


Besides the usual work, try to set short-term goals for yourself and start chasing them. As you achieve something, you are likely to feel confident about yourself and this also places you in a better mental state which in turn helps you overcome the blues.

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