Buttermilk: Health Benefits and Side Effects of the Summer Drink

Summers are here and along with it, the rising temperatures and the risk of dehydration. While the consumption of fruit juices, sodas, aerated drinks and slushies have gone up, one of the most favourite drinks people turn towards is buttermilk.

Buttermilk is a great byproduct of milk which is obtained from the churning of milk to make butter. The churned milk is fat-free as the butter is separated and is a little sour due to the health-wise beneficial bacteria. It is an amazing source of protein, calcium and Vitamins A and D. The probiotic nature of buttermilk helps a lot with digestion and bowel movement.

Health Benefits of Buttermilk

There are innumerable health benefits of having buttermilk. Some of them are:
Vitamin A helps to keep your eyesight strong. It also boosts the immune system and keeps internal organs such as heart, lungs and kidneys healthy.

The bacteria left in buttermilk after the churning process help convert lactose to lactic acid making it easier for lactose intolerant people to digest it.

Buttermilk generates energy through riboflavin that also helps in regulating amino acids. Amino acids are important to make proteins needed by the body.

Side Effects of Buttermilk

While these are some of the benefits of butter milk, many don’t know that this cooling drink favourite to all might also pose some side effects. If you are someone who drinks buttermilk everyday, these are some of the negative effects of the drink you might experience:

Buttermilk has a lot of sodium content which is not good for patients with kidney problems. Avoid drinking it if you are one with a kidney ailment.

Buttermilk can worsen your cold. It is not advisable to drink buttermilk at night during fever, cold and pollen allergy.

The churning process of extracting butter requires days for formation. This leads to the development of bacteria that might be harmful to children. These bacteria can cause cold and throat infections in kids.

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