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BTS 7 Fates Chakho: Bangtan Boys’ Webtoon Takes On Monster In MCU-like World, Members In Awe; Watch

BTS has released its new webtoon 7 Fates Chakho on Saturday. The webtoon, inspired by Joseon Dynasty’s tiger-hunting officers known as the chakhogapsa, is set against a futurist urban city with each member voicing a fictional character. It was previously revealed that 7 Fates Chakho would revolve around seven boys. Their fates are interconnected with the folklore of tigers.

Suga plays the role of Cein, V portrays the role of Jooan, J-Hope plays Hosu, Jin is Hwan, RM essays the role of Do Geon, Jimin is Haru, and Jungkook plays the role of Zeha. With the webtoon releasing on Naver Webtoon’s platform, HYBE dropped the official story film which features the members introducing their characters’ looks and teasing the story.

The characters, in the video, are introduced as ‘Beoms pretending to be human’ with a bounty on them of $300,000. The members are seen zipping through alleys and standing on rooftops, preparing to face monsters. The futuristic city feels straight out of a Marvel Cinematic Universe project, more close to the MCU series Loki.

“7 Fates: Chakho is a new kind of story. As always, I’m the thinker… Even though I’m actually not that smart,” BTS leader Kim Namjoon said in the video, as the member dressed up in their characters. “I’ve never seen a studio like this. A studio with LEDs, I was in awe the whole time I was shooting. I think it will turn out nicely,” Min Yoongi added, evidently in awe of the sets and arrangement. “It’s about catching monsters so I’m really curious to see how three-dimensional it’ll look. I like action so I’m looking forward to that too,” Jeon Jungkook explained.

“I enjoy things like webtoons so I’ve become more intrigued in the plot as we’re filming,” Park Jimin confessed. “As long as the CGI looks good, I’m certain that (it is going to be) a great universe,” Kim Seokjin said. The video also featured the members recording their respective characters.

Besides BTS’ 7Fates: Chakho with BTS, HYBE is also set to release The Sar Seekers with TXT, and Dark Moon with Enphyen.

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